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Anne Boleyn

It was announced in 2018 that  Hayley signed a worldwide deal with global giants Amazon to publish a re-examination of Anne Boleyn’s life, work and relationship with Henry VIII. Amazon Publishing signed World English rights for a print, audio and e-book publication of this controversial new title from the Tudor whistleblower and historian.


Hayley says: “After three years of extensive historical research, I have uncovered a shocking censorship surrounding Anne Boleyn – and if there was ever a time for the suppression of a powerful woman’s true story to be brought to light, that time is now. This is not a ‘new take’ or a ‘reinvention’. It is a long-overdue, correctional biography.”


Editor, Victoria Pepe says: “Hayley Nolan’s meticulously researched study is going to set the cat amongst the pigeons by making us re-think everything we thought we knew about Anne Boleyn. I am so excited to help bring this book into the world.”


Dominic Myers, Director of Amazon Publishing EU, added: “With Little A, Amazon Publishing’s mission is to publish intelligent, provocative stories with a strong narrative voice. Hayley has done just that with this fascinating biography and we are delighted to have her as one of our first non-fiction authors.’


Hayley’s agent, Anna Hogarty, at the Madeleine Milburn Literary, TV and Film agency says “As soon as Hayley’s manuscript landed on my desk, I was hooked. It’s feisty, fiery, passionate and empowered. History has never been told quite in this way before!”


Hayley Nolan’s unique and powerful Anne Boleyn biography will be published by Amazon Publishing’s list, Little A, in Autumn/Fall 2019.



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This explosive new analysis of Anne Boleyn’s life and impact on British history is based for the first time on the full, uncensored evidence, exposing the shocking suppression of a powerful woman in history’s true story.


Away from the vamped up fables created to fit the ‘six wives’ gimmick, the male-washing of Anne's political work and the sexist interpretations of her story, this eye-opening, re-examination of the complete facts turns history as we know it on its head.


Lies are exposed, myths debunked, and legends shattered, as rigorous scholarly research is fused with a gripping psychological analysis to finally provide the reader with thrilling lightbulb moments as history’s most baffling tale is pieced together at last.


Feisty and fiery, passionate and empowered; this straight talking and bold correctional biography is not for the faint hearted romantics. So, leave all notions of outdated Tudor folklore at the front door. Queen Anne Boleyn’s truth may have been silenced for centuries, but this urgent book ensures her voice is now being heard.



The Silencing & Suppression

of a Powerful Woman in History.



Within only 14 hours of its pre-order launch, Hayley Nolan's correctional biography 'Anne Boleyn: 500 years of lies' became the No1 ranking biggest gainer in the general book sales on Amazon.co.uk. The book also became the No1 bestseller in Historical Biographies, held the No1 and No2 spot for paperback and ebook in Women's Studies History, and charted at No6 in both general history and all general new releases across the UK site!


Nolan's exciting new biography also made a huge splash in the USA, going straight to the No1 spot on Amazon.com in Historical british Biographies, and No3 in the European History chart, as well as breaking into the general history chart for all new releases on Amazon.com at No35. All within one day of the official announcement of pre-orders going live.


Boleyn and Tudor fans around the world took to social media in their droves to announce their excitement at having placed their pre-order, and expressed their discontent at the twisted tales of Boleyn currently on the market. Hayley Nolan's research promises to strip away the away the centuries of sexist analysis and modern male-washing of Boleyn's work, while calling #TimesUp on the romanticisation of her murder in commerical historical biographies.


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Since publication in December 2019 Anne Boleyn: 500 Years of Lies has held the No1 spot in various categories across Amazon US and UK. It was chosen as The Independent's Book of the Month and Grazia's Book Club pick.  Hayley has been interviewed across numerous BBC platforms and prestigious publications such as Time magazine, as well as being asked to write pieces based on her research for The Telegraph, Readers Digest and Big Issue North.

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