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Anne Boleyn

The History Review

UK Parliament week launches


Anne Boleyn was the people’s politician with evidence revealing she campaigned for radical anti-poverty laws, the amnesty of refugees and free education for underprivileged youths. So for UK Parliament Week 2019 Hayley Nolan launched #BeMoreBloleyn with UK Parliament, a campaign that revealed Boleyn’s incredible hidden story and how it can inspire young women today to #BeMoreBoleyn and get involved in Parliament. The campaign gave future female MPs real, tangible steps to have their voice heard and make a difference in the world, including free courses and parliament programmes.

Following the success of her podcast series, Hayley launched the hugely popular  'History Review' spin-off vlogumentary series The History Review, which gained 3 million views in its first year streaming on Facebook. This saw her working with some of the country's most renowned historical organisations and venues from the National Archives of the UK Government and Historic Royal Palaces to Tower Bridge and Anne Boleyn's childhood home Hever Castle.  Hayley was also invited to film at Boleyn's French childhood home of the Chateau Royal de Blois.

publication day

book reading & signing

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2017 marks the  200th anniversary of Jane Austen's death and to commemorate  this milestone Hayley Nolan has teamed up with Jane Austen's House Museum and her brother's estate Chawton House in Hampshire for a series of films and projects. The first you can see here at the house Jane spent the last 8 years of her life writing her most famous manuscripts.

(Click on the image below to watch the film.)


Leonardo da Vinci

In 2017 Hayley was invited to visit Leonardo da Vinci's final home of Le Clos Luce  in the Loire Valley in France where she discovered all about his final years, present a series of films for Atout France about the iconic painter and inventor.

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Hayley has teamed up with Houses of Parliament for the 2017 General Elections to present a very special history vlog to encourage fellow millennials to vote! Hayley got the unique chance to snoop around Houses of Parliament and the House of Commons alone and get a feel for political life in this exciting film, streaming online from May 31st.

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Hayley collaborates with WOMEN'S AID on Boleyn campaign.

In November 2019 Hayley worked with Women's Aid in highlighting the damaging romanticisation of Anne Boleyn's murder at the hands of her hsband by modern writers and the victim blaming slant that is given to all portrayal of her story.  This is explored deeper in  her book Anne Boleyn: 500 Years of Lies and you can read a piece Hayley wrote for Women's Aid here.


Adina Claire, acting co-Chief Executive of Women’s Aid said: “The way we understand history affects the way we understand the world. Minimising and even romanticising domestic abuse through history sends harmful messages about what is acceptable and what is a serious crime. Women’s Aid is raising awareness of this with Hayley Nolan, who is examining Henry VIII’s harassment and murder of his wife Anne Boleyn, and challenging the way that her story has been told in history.”


On 1st December 2019 Hayley celebrated publiction day for her corrctional biography 'Anne Boleyn: 500 Years of Lies'

with fans travelling from as far as the USA and Italty to join her at Great St Barts, London's oldest Tudor church for a book reading and signing.

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